Aimée Carruth combines the skills of an archeologist, a researcher, and a visionary all in one. She is able to ferret out of the complex universe a vision of a new paradigm, well grounded in the work of others, and offer it up as a gift, not only for her clients but also in teaching the teachers.

From the halls of the United Nations (SRC) outward everyone that interacts with her comes away with a new empowered vision of themselves. This is truly an important gift. I view her work from many years as a theoretical physicist and I hear the structure and sound of coherent resonance, presenting a new way of being.

Dr. Robert H. Nagel Ph.D

My name is Rebecca Clark; I am a 31 year old mother of three. I am also a retail manager which requires me to be on my feet for 10 hours a day. Up until recently this was a daily struggle. I would come home from work with incredible pain in my back (right between the shoulder blades) and knees swollen to the size of grapefruits. I would literally have to lift my legs with my hand just to get up the stairs in front of my house. At the age of nine I was diagnosed with a minor case of scoliosis. I had a curve in my spine of about seven degrees. Upon returning to the doctor one year later, I have a severe case of scoliosis with two curves, one was 32 degrees, and other 27 degrees. I have seen many doctors over the years all of whom assured me that the only thing that would help was a very risky surgery. They wanted to break my back and reset it with steel rods. I adamantly declined each and every time. Through the years the pain increased, and my mobility and outlook on life decreased.

I met Aimee months ago when she moved in to the building that I live in. I started telling Aimee about the issues that I was having and she informed me of the different types of treatments (for lack of a better word) and remedies that she worked with. I must say in all honesty these are not the type of things I would normally go for. I have always been the one to rush out to my MD. After talking with Aimee, I figured, what the heck? Nothing the doctors have ever done has done me any good; why not give this a shot? It could not get any worse, I would give it a shot. Aimee was going to perform a coccyx adjustment and an Axiatonal Light Grid.

I went to Aimee twice for about an hour and a half each time. As I lay on the table, I heard Aimee commenting how she could see the changes taking place in my body. I have to say I as still skeptical at this point seeing as Aimee had only lightly traced lines of symmetry on my body. I must tell you that standing up after the first session was about the oddest feeling I have ever experienced. I felt as if I was learning to walk all over again. When I went to the mirror I could see the changes in my body. My shoulders were not slouched, they were pushed back and even. My hips were even, and my legs would not work the way I was used to.. Up until that day I had to life one foot higher than the other, not anymore. I had to learn to walk with my new body and regain my sense of balance. I may sound as if I am complaining, nothing is further from the truth. I was giddy. After a few mishaps my sense of balance and ability to walk in a straight line were back. I went in for the second treatment and noticed even more change in my body. I was always about an inch shorter than my husband. When I went home that day, I was about a half an inch TALLER than my husband. He had even been more skeptical than I, but, he could no longer deny the changes in my body when he had to slightly tilt his head to look me in the eye. Instead of a slight tilt downward, it was a slight tilt upward. When I returned to work the next week I actually had a few associates comment that I looked different, and some say I looked more confident. They could not put their fingers in the changes as they did not know about the treatment I received. I was glad that I had changed enough for them to notice something about me was different, but not enough to draw crazy amounts of attention.

It has been about three months since I had this done. I still feel like a new person. The pain in my back is gone and my knees have not swollen once. I have noticed that my right shoulder has pulled in slightly but the change is still incredible. I don’t know how she does what she does, but, Aimee has changed the quality of my life. I would have given so much just to experience one day without pain, and I have already had three months. I hope this lasts forever. I don’t know if it will or won’t, I do know that if it doesn’t, Aimee will find me knocking on her door!

Rebecca Clark Sept, '08

I have known Aimée for over one year. I first met her right after my separation/divorce for a healing and clairvoyant session. I was referred by my sister Kara who just loves her and has benefited greatly from her sage advice and wisdom. Well I was blown away by our first session. I was feeling very depressed and had also lost my Mother and Uncle. She was on target and very uplifting at a time when I was down.

She helped me to release and heal very quickly I might add. This type of healing can take years and I felt as did my psyche counselor that it only took 3 to 4 months. He (the counselor) said after 3 months, you are doing great no need to come back unless you want too!! Her healing hands are extraordinary and the emotional/spiritual release was swift and deep. Amazing visions too when she worked on me. On one occasion a transformer blew in the street and started an electrical fire in the basement of a large building in NYC. We in the session room saw lights flickering wildly. Just prior to that I felt a huge energy shift come in strong on my left side as if it pushed me. Then the Fire Department pulls up in force to handle the fire Very noticeable. Coincidence? I think not!

On other occasions during Axiatonal sessions I become beat red and on fire from the neck up when she worked on me, very very hot. Deep healing in the brain from prior accidents… I then saw an electric scintillating Sri Yantra Mandala come into my third eye, amazing!

Folks I highly recommend. Aimée for any man, woman or child. I look forward to any session with her. She is a loving caring lightworker of the highest accord.

Peace Love and Light

Ron Delle Donne
Holistic Health Counselor and Energy Healer

Aimée is a Master Teacher

The Axiatonal light Grid is the ultimate form of mind, body and spirit alignment, it is essential to the evolution of higher consciousness.

This is an aspect of Universal Wisdom as it connects to the body’s innate intelligence and acknowledged with full consciousness.

It reflects the power and the simplicity of Light.

Dr. Rich Sommers
Network Chiropractic

Thank you for the Axiatonal sessions! They have been completely life changing! My entire scope of awareness has been expanded, as well as my spine! My double scoliosis has been eliminated and I am now 1 ˝ inches taller! Two sessions with you did more that many years of chiropractic & osteopathic treatments could not!

I am grateful for the focused personal attention during the Axiatonal class. You found a way to insure that each of your students clearly & fully understood this extraordinary work! Learning this has opened my consciousness to levels I didn’t even know existed!

Michele Murphy
Milford PA

As I lay on the table, and Aimée was running her hands over my body, I remember her saying "I am now calling your song". Within a few moments I was transported to a vision of myself where I was the dancing spiraling energy, full of joy love and spontaneity of expressing just whizzing through the cosmos – what a joy to be free!

Aimée is one of the most spiritually knowledgeable and “in tune” people I know! Her power is beyond that which I have ever encountered before. She has an incredible ability to “cut to the chase” in matters of Spirit, and has a non-judgmental ability to feel empathy with whatever is happening.

Chris Waller,

I have been an energy therapist for many years with experience in many different modalities. The Axiatonal work is the most life changing work I have ever experienced. Aimée is truly a gifted (as she would say) tech, she does exactly what she was taught and the sessions allow you true Self to re-enter your being. Believe me nothing has been more amazing to me, it works !!!!

Mary Beth Gorton Healer… near death experience survivor

I just had to let you know what a great transformation has happened to me and all I can think that took place was my session with you.

I had my last session with you on a Wednesday. And nothing seemed different. I really didn't know the extent of what had happened. Until I had to give my twin some advice on how to behave to get the result she wanted. And she did it. Then I have had some people say and do mean things to me and I did not have my normal reaction.

I am not letting things get me down or hurt me.
Like I am walking in Grace or something.
I am not sure what you did but I like it.

Thank you so much.
Evelyn Wanner

For several years, I've been working with the gift of healing and helping others get through multiple physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological issues. Aimée was able to provide a unique experience for me using the Axiatonal work. Never before have I had an easier healing session that I did with her. I felt like I was floating on a wave and then I relaxed into a deep sleep for a few hours. I woke up with a refreshed view of myself and a sense of confidence that I hadn't felt before. It's exactly what I had hoped for. I was able to stop second-guessing myself and the negative self-talk has quieted.

Laura Schaibley
Energy & Sound Healer

Before seeing Aimée I was wearing inserts because I was experiencing pain in my left leg. I had an Axiatonal alignment with Aimée. Aimée also had me follow up applying a lumanetic enzyme between my toes and within two weeks all pain in my leg and hip had disappeared. After my alignment I went back to The Walking Store and stepped on the thermal imaging machine and the guy working there said that I did not need to wear inserts! It has been over a year I walk my dog 3 miles a day and waitress double shifts on weekends still no need for inserts and NO PAIN!!

Thank you Aimée!

Kim S. Connecticut

Intuitive Guidance testimonials

My experiences with Aimée have changed my life. Her readings have opened up possibilities for me that I didn't know existed and pointed me in a direction I've been looking for all my life without even being aware of it. The work I'm doing is internal and can only be done by me. But her guidance has helped me to understand and accept that this work exists. She has given me the confidence to open myself to it.

Meredith Ruland MA

Aimée Carruth has been my intuitive counselor for many years.

I honor and respect her craft as she has helped guide me thru key crossroads in my career, relationships and health in such a graceful manner.

Her information is so accurate and uplifting that I am able to implement the necessary changes and decisions with ease and clarity, when the clarity for me at the time seemed to be difficult to achieve. It is a pleasure to work thru this journey with her guidance. I feel that my path is more enriched with her presence in my life. I have also gone thru the Axiatonal work which helped move me to a higher level of understanding of my intended life path. This work with her has given me the important tools to move forward to a more positive life and lifestyle.

Aimée provides key information that allows for that information to flow so that you then are able to infuse these skills to your very soul, and then more accurately listen to your own voice to draw upon.

I have recommended her to many of my friends who have been as thrilled as I have been with this experience.

Kara Del Donne
Photographer - Art Director

Aimée Carruth has a unique gift of intuitive guidance that has blessed my life during times of big transition and deep growth. She takes me lovingly into the truth of things, even when internally there is resistance in the moment. Aimée's channel of spirit lasts beyond the session, echoing insight into my life just when I need it. Because of her uncanny ability to see into the future of things, many weeks and months after a reading I will see her guidance and feedback, a flash of synchronicity right in front of me, guiding me. It anchors me and helps me move more fully into my highest potential, my magical possibilities. I have deepest gratitude for having Aimée as part of my spiritual support network.

Lily Marie Livingston
Sustainable Architect

Book & CD’s


I found that by having listened to the "What If” CD before reading the book "Facts” really made much of the information in the book more familiar and clear. Having heard many of the concepts in the authors own voice helped me with understanding and clarity – visualizations were also more prevalent after listening to the CD.

Verbal explanations from the CD also helped a lot when I read the book. The book then delineated all the concepts, making them visual in print. I find that by using many of my senses when first being introduced to a concept (which an auditory CD allows) helps me more fully understand concepts like the ones the author is unfolding to me. It was less confusing having had many mediums / instruments available as tools, to help me understand, visual, written, pictorial and auditory as well as the overall sense of what the author is conveying through her speaking the works and expressing her thoughts on the CD.

It helps by hearing about something (being introduced to anything verbally) then reading about it this can be less confusing to the reader. There was a lot of explanation on the CD to help readers grasp all the information being given. When seeing something in print, it can be overwhelming, even different than what one perceived it to be, but the verbal expression made it easier to push through the written words and concepts knowing one would be able to navigate through some of the "foggier” areas, having already done so in the CD.

The slower pace that Aimee reads at on the CD helps listeners understand it. I found that I did not have to go back over a lot of the passages and words to grasp the meaning. I felt as if I were "walking along with her” while she was narrating. I felt "In Formed" of all she was saying. Her pace helped the concepts sink into my mind better. I felt like she was holding my hand the whole way through this journey, giving me safe passage!

It might be prudent to package the "What If” CD and book together for those people that use many different ways of learning/understanding. This way a person will not be turned off from the subject matter because then they will have all the tools needed to understand and learn the concepts.

The Book

I have only been able to read bits of it at a time. Partly because I listened first to the CD, so I know I understand it all, but still I want to read and grasp it in print to be sure I fully got what the author wants me to know! Also, I am not skipping through this book as I might with others of this nature/subject matter. I want to read it in the order that the author wrote it, so that I can continue the "walk” with her. I find her guidance in and among all of the information given, helpful, safe and caring. As with the CD I know that the author is with me, not leaving me alone until I fully understand and can/am ready to continue.

Many of the definitions and re-plays on written words deeply connected me with the authors concepts! For instance Hue-man. Gosh, that made things so much clearer to me. Especially if one is gifted with seeing the colors and textures of everyday life through a multitude of senses, this re-definition of an everyday word has vast meaning – particularly to me! Other people may connect to other words re-defined in other ways. My all time favorites are intention – "InTension”; holding something together, such as all the information - we have all around us; to "InFormation” WAY COOL!! Planet: to "Plan-It”. This was also a great help in understanding and clarity.

The glossary tips and notes throughout the book given just as you are reading a passage really helped A LOT! I think that the book and the CD’s are fabulous, and if not changed in any way, are wonderful tools for this earthly experience!

I certainly am clearer for having heard, read and been in the presence of Aimee Carruth. Had I not met her in person, having received these tools I would still feel as if I had been in her presence. I am humbled at her gift to hue-man-ity and love the clarity (Clear-It - y) I am at peace for having shared this experience with her.

Sharon S.
Elementary school teacher

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