Intuitive Guidance

Since my "bounce off the tree" horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains (1980), I have seen, and heard, and felt energy. I am synesthetic. Synesthesia (to me) is essentially a slurring of the normal sense boundaries. In the "accident" I had, information paths opened up that had not been as prominent as before, so I needed to learn to deal with what I was becoming.

When I touch something or hear someone’s voice, I get images. In the beginning, with partial amnesia, I did not understand that others did not feel, or hear, or see what I was seeing. It was confusing for myself, as well as the rest of my family. I may see "other lifetimes" where a specific interaction led to a complexity in this life, or group dynamics like a family, that return together to "work out" issues unresolved elsewhere. As I see or hear more around any questions asked, I will see almost a movie about interactions, and then how to resolve them. I believe in education, and I always try to teach my clients that people do not need to come to a psychic, as they begin to understand and work with the energies around them, their own information will become clearer to them. The more specific and directly focused the questions are, the better the information is. Each question & answer will lead to another, and rather than be sidetracked off the main questions, it helps to have the questions be written down, and checked off.

In the many years since that event, I have worked as a "professional" psychic. Trying to "turn it off" simply didn’t work, and since I had it, I may as well use it, and let it help people.

In learning to use this "gift" in an ethical, healthy way, I have worked and lived with Medicine people, leaders of several spiritual paths, and a few research scientists along the way. This has enabled me to clear my own vision path, and in some cases to learn techniques that have proven themselves over thousands of years.

We are all students, and we are all teachers. In questioning the WHY’s in our lives and sharing knowledge, we all grow and we are all supporting the evolution of consciousness on this dear Plan-It. When you have become the teacher for your own environment, we will all make leaps of awareness.

When the Student is ready, the teacher appears.

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