Spiritual Paths

As a Plan-It, we benefit from global awareness and communication. We would be able to get along better if we understood just how alike we are.

Being aware of our similarities gives us the ability to communicate clearly from our hearts. As spiritual beings of light, we share the common address of this Plan-It. Rumour has it, the Plan-It would be better if hue-mans were able to get along. In building communication bridges, one of the best is Interfaith training. Knowledge of how we practice our Spiritual paths as beings of light only enhances our similarities, and broadens our awareness of our common source. Our world is changing at a rapid rate: there is a shift in the planet and in the perception of her people. New Vision Interspiritual Seminary is teaching today's Interspiritual Ministers in a different way than ever before. A more mystical, energetic and spiritually grounded education is emerging and NVIS is at the forefront of this new way of teaching.

What is Interfaith/Interspirituality?

It is the confluence of hands, hearts and minds coming together to create something new, something that is connected with all of Life on an energetic and mystical level. It transcends the everyday and accesses the Divine in every religion, in every person and with the Earth Herself.

~Rev. Deborah Steen Ross, Founder and Director of New Vision Interspiritual Seminary~


"By popular demand, this Logo has been created as a pendant for, and is available for purchase. Ten percent of the actual price of the pendant will be available as grants or holistic or integrative health sessions for children."
Axiatonal Light Grid information can be found in:
"The Keys of Enoch" chapter 317
published by The Academy for Future Science
PO Box FE Los Gatos CA 95031
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Aimee & Axiatonal talk at New Hope Metaphysical Society, May 2016
Body Straightening

Body Straightening, a style of work developed that can be done remotely, and has been instrumental for me in staying balanced and healthy AND PAIN FREE! in all of my travels. Please read the article Nervous Laughter about this very special and unique work. The teacher and practitioner for this valuable work is Janice Murphy-Hager, and her contact email is I highly recommend this work for everyone. Jacqui Neulinger
"I am a bridge between reality and possibility, guiding members of humanity across this bridge so that their potential can become their reality, fostering a positive shift in human consciousness. I believe deeply in each person's ability to create a life filled with light, joy, grace, love and effortless abundance. I invite you to explore the possibility that is life, to embrace joy and abundance, and to step forward into choosing the reality that you choose to create.&kquot;


There are physical products that enhance our physical wellbeing and others that will assist in cleaning up our environment. The following is just a beginning list of products and services that I recommend:

  • Kroeger Herb shops
  • All of the books by PMH Atwater. (The NDE books were the first exposure I had with solid information about the survivor issues from another survivor).
  • All of the books, products, and training by Perelandra, LTD
  • The HSC Center creates a stronger community by advocating individual and organizational responsibility with guidance of natural approches to self care and empowerment through education, working directly with the medical community and wellness practitioners.
  • More upcoming products and services links will be available as our eLighten community grows. We are willing to learn about additional products or services that will support a drug-free and environmentally sound lifestyle.
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