"Aimee is a guide in this cosmos called reality! She provides a manual for life for those brave explorers trying to master this creation we call home. Facts are Beliefs shines it’s light (in formation) on the journey we all will take on the way to remembering, and knowing the God within ourselves… "

Bruce L. Erickson
International Consultant
Santa Barbara, California

"Facts are Beliefs is a stunning work! Aimee brings forth a cogent discussion as to the joy of living and the significance of one’s awareness of our individual and collective participation in unity consciousness. Humor and a lovely lightness coupled with playful mirth ease the reader through a ’tour’ of our 3rd Dimension. This volume has been worth the wait and is destines to set the tone for adventurers seeking personal and global awareness at its most subtle and delicious best!"

Steve Siegelwaks
Owner, Green Earth Natural Food Market
Riverhead, NY

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